A Design Process To Suit you

Setting The Scene

The first step in the RokkitPress design process is to gain a solid understanding of your online goals. We will work together with you throughout this process to achieve a clear vision for the project.

Website design by setting the scene
Colour Theory & Typographic Mood
Website design with typography and colour

Typography and Colour

Once a clear vision has been agreed, planning of the website’s overall look and feel can begin. At RokkitPress we ensure that the usability of your site meets the clear identity of your brand through its choice of colour and typography.

One Site For Every Device

Layouts and Mockups

Before we move on to building your website, we will show you how the design all fits together. You’ll get to see a variety of assets – typography, colour palettes and wireframes – before the final design decisions are made.

Website design layouts and mockups by rokkitpress

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